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Range anxiety is an afterthought. 

At Kiwi Charge, we're here to make EV charging accessible, affordable, and sustainable for everyone.

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Kiwi Charge brings the charge to you.

EV Owners

A monthly subscription guarantees a personalized and hassle-free charging experience.

With our charging as a service model, we never let your charge fall below the threshold you set. This eliminates the range anxiety often associated with EVs.


Building Owners

Offer EV charging from day one for any parking spot in your building, without the added retrofitting costs.

With Kiwi Charge, you can offer EV charging amenities without the initial infrastructure costs. This not only attracts better tenants but can also significantly increase your property value.



Accelerate EV adoption in an under-served market of customers living in Condos and Multi-family properties.

1/3 of the population in Canada & the US live in condo buildings. Our solution reduces range anxiety for these customers who rely only on public charging infrastructure.

How we're different:


High Utilization: Our IP allows us to achieve a 60% station utilization rate, compared to the industry average of 20%. This means fewer chargers needed and reducing costs and environmental impact.


Charging Deserts: Our portable form factor allows us to deploy our batteries to areas that fixed infrastructure is not feasible ensuring that no one gets left behind in the EV revolution.


Grid Power Management: Our solution can be integrated into the grid to help manage power distribution, making the entire system more efficient.



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