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Charging on Autopilot.

At Kiwi Charge we are reimagining the charging experience so you can focus on the things that matter the most. Your car may have autopilot, why not your charger?

Why Kiwi Charge is perfect for you.

Wake up to a fully charged car.

Imagine waking up every morning to a fully charged car, without worrying if you plugged it in the night before. No more waiting at a charging station in the morning if you forgot.

Affordable Charging

Forget about expensive home charging setups. Our monthly subscription fee is designed to be budget-friendly, making EV ownership more accessible.

No more range anxiety

Our subscription service guarantees a charge every other day or a schedule that is personalized to your needs. Say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to a seamless EV charging experience.

Rely less on public infrastructure.

If you own an EV and live in a multi-family property, public infrastructure is how you charge, but often times might be out of order or occupied. With Kiwi Charge we bring the charge to you.

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