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EV Charging from Day One.

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One of the challenges with EV charging infrastructure is the construction time and costs. It can take up-to 24 months to obtain approvals and contractors all while increasing the installation costs. The end result, are charging stations that are offline, unreliable all while putting a strain on the grid. At Kiwi Charge we eliminate these challenges and allow you to offer EV charging from day one.

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Why Host a Kiwi Charger?


Zero Infrastructure Costs

Our portable and modular system eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades, making it easier than ever to offer EV charging in existing buildings. 


Attract and Retain Quality Tenants

Our service is more than an amenity; it's a lifestyle choice that adds value to your property and keeps residents loyal with a reliable charging experience.


Low Operating Costs

Our battery packs are charged during off-peak electricity demand times and can deliver charge during peak hours. This allows from more predictive and lower utility costs for charging.


Future-Proof Your Property

Our cutting-edge Energy-as-a-Service solution and Intelligent Load Management system allow you to scale your charging infrastructure as demand grows, without incurring substantial costs.

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